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Casino bonus codes
Virtual clubs that value their reputation and want to attract the maximum number of visitors use bonuses as incentives for registration, activity. Such loyalty programmes allow players to fully enjoy their adrenaline-pumping holiday. After all, with casino bonus canada, you don’t have to spend your own money to win a large sum at the casino.

Using Bonus Codes
A bonus code is a specific numeric or alphabetic combination which is entered in a special window of the playing field in order to get the prize money on your balance. It may apply during registration, account replenishment or in case of other operations on the official website or a mirror of the portal. A bonus code can only be used if the stipulated conditions are met.

Types of Bonus Codes
All of the bonus codes available to players vary depending on the online operator that provides them and the method of application. The most common are coupons that are valid at the time of registration and add up to a welcome deposit given to new customers. After entering a certain alphanumeric combination, a player can get free spins for specific machines.

There are also bonus codes that are given out during tournaments and draws. When registering for an event, a special code must be entered to receive the incentive into your personal account.

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200×200 – 5 colours


200×200 | 29pcs per box | 45 boxes per pallet