Outside Inside

Creating relationships between inside and outside spaces is the new future of cohesive living.

Over recent years this challenge has expanded to include the outside space as more and more people look to transform their gardens into well-designed outdoor rooms, providing extra living space. At Trovia, we recognise this trend as one which is here to stay, as people look to create a seamless inside-outside look in their homes. We have searched the planet for some of the best products that will unify and create this feel in any home with a selection of ‘insideoutside’ tiles creating a seamless visual flow.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Trovia, is providing ideas and solutions for all our client projects. Did you know for example one of the best ways to focus attention on the best features of an outside space is the laying of tiles in one direction throughout the whole area, drawing attention to the desired focal point? Or, mirroring internal features outdoors such as a textured porcelain backdrop in a social space indoors and outdoors too?

These ideas help break the boundaries between the inside and outside space and Trovia has the products to deliver this design vision.