We talk, we listen, we answer your needs, we believe in simple and honest communication.

"Bringing fresh thinking to projects is our passion, we love getting people excited about our products" Clare Morgan
"Whilst we focus on the design in details, the practicalities of daily use are always at the forefront of our thinking" Sara Cullis
The quality of our products and transparency of our actions build trust and long standing successful business relationships.

Meet the team

Established in early 2018, Trovia provides a total solution to those working in design and architecture sectors to provide beautiful and practical solutions. From consultancy services through to product sourcing and supply, we are here to help you create cohesive spaces to meet and exceed your client brief that will stand the test of time.

Our technical talent and creative flair are borne from our Global Stone heritage and expertise in both the porcelain and stone market. We are inquisitive, enthusiastic, and untiring in our search for unique and beautiful products, pushing the boundaries of inspiration. We have searched and continue to search far and wide to unearth the best products for your designs.

If you’re a designer, landscaper or an architect, we know how challenging client briefs can be. You are probably the kind of person that embraces that challenge with an unending passion to deliver. If you are, then you have found the right partner in Trovia.

Our combination of in-depth knowledge is bolstered with a portfolio of porcelain products that are not only beautiful but also practical and designed to last. Clean, contemporary colours and designs, naturally realistic wood and stone, porcelain is a technical joy to work with. From its inherent strength to its slip resistant properties, tells only the opening part of the story,

The only limits? Your imagination.

Clare Morgan – Director

Sara Cullis – Director