Line Shape Colour

Bring your ideas to life with porcelain.

Bringing together colour, texture and intricate pattern comes naturally to us at Trovia. Using our expertise and commitment to perfection in our products we combine quality, proportion and light to create beautiful spaces.

Within our portfolio, our Porcelain Collection presents a new era for designers and architects. The marriage of traditional skills handed down through generations with sophisticated new materials allows us to bring exclusive and robust products designed to stand the test of time both aesthetically and practically. We are also masters of turning this on its head, by utilising sophisticated technological production methods applied to natural products that have been used for centuries. We call this ‘The Natural Line of Beauty.’

The design and technical performance of our porcelain range has been curated and crafted to bring balance and practicality to a wide range of settings; from contemporary spaces to traditional habitats; working both inside and outside the possibilities and flexibility of porcelain is the perfect partner to all forms of project.

The Power of Colour

The true cornerstone of design, colour is linked to emotion, feeling, perception. We are comfortable pushing the boundaries of colours, in how we combine them in products and in how we deliver them in projects. Our ethos is that every project needs its personality, borne of the design vision and our unstinting desire to source unique solutions, often through colour married with texture.