Be inspired

Bring your ideas to life

Our technical talent and creative flair is borne from our heritage and expertise in the stone and porcelain market.

We know how challenging client briefs can be. You are probably the kind of person that embraces that challenge with an unending passion to deliver. If you are, then you have found the right partner in Trovia. Our unique combination of in-depth knowledge is bolstered with a portfolio of products that are both beautiful practical and designed to last.

“Pushing the boundaries of inspiration is what we strive to achieve with every project. Our expert approach combined with an eye on the aesthetic detail is the sum of our parts when it comes to working with our clients.”

Every project is approached with a clean slate. Our drive is to understand your brief and help inspire you with our ideas and products. Every step of the project journey focuses on quality, in the service you receive, our commitment to excellence and the products we recommend and supply.

Bring your ideas to life with porcelain

Bringing together colour, texture and intricate pattern comes naturally to us at Trovia. Using our expertise and commitment to perfection in our products we combine quality, proportion and light to create beautiful spaces.

The power of colour

The true cornerstone of design, colour is linked to emotion, feeling and perception. We are comfortable pushing the boundaries of colours, in how we combine them in products and in how we deliver them in projects. Our ethos is that every project needs its personality, borne of the design vision and our unstinting desire to source unique solutions, often through colour married with texture.

Unearthing inspiring design

The design and technical performance of our porcelain range has been curated and crafted to bring balance and practicality to a wide range of settings; from contemporary spaces to traditional habitats; working both inside and outside the possibilities and flexibility of porcelain is the perfect partner to all forms of project.